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What is (previously was born as one of the first projects by MakerDAO, even before Single Collateral Dai, in 2016. As you can read in this post, a lot has happened since these years., became a standalone entity after the full decentralization of Maker. This move was taken by our team, with the mission to build the most trusted app to deploy capital in DeFi. today

Today, is more than just the front end to access Maker Protocol. It is on its path of providing the most trusted place to deploy your capital into DeFi, offering already three main products and advanced automation features.
When you decide to do one of the above actions, offers you different automation features. Stop-Loss allows you to sleep better without worrying about being liquidated and losing money; Auto-Buy & Auto-Sell, and constant multiple help you get the most out of your Vault.
Our curated experience allows you to get the best in class UX that clearly shows your position, the returns and the risk you are taking. We made a detailed knowledge base article to understand the strategy and take all the great feedback of the community to continue improving.

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