Address Compliance Check

Learn how deals with address compliance check (including Tornado Cash)

To allow global access to our hosted front-end, needs to comply with the latest rules, regulations and sanctions from multiple jurisdictions. We have teamed up with a compliance vendor to ensure our hosted front-end is not used with funds associated with wallets potentially dealing in ransomware, malware, child sex abuse material, known criminals, and sanctions lists published by the global community.

When a user connects to, the address is checked for this compliance against our compliance vendor. If this automated check finds that a user should be restricted, they are disconnected from the app.

If you have been blocked and believe this is done by mistake, please email and someone from the team will be able to help you and discuss possible options.

Reminder: does not have the ability to control its users' funds anyhow. The underlying protocols are completely decentralized and all customers that use it, will always maintain custody of their funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I used Tornado Cash prior to the sanctions being announced, will I be blocked? No, any addresses that have usage of Tornado Cash prior the sanctions came into action will not be blocked on that basis.

  • We are using and want to ensure we can’t be blocked by the actions of others trying to lock us out of our account, can you ensure this? If you are using your wallet legitimately, and want to ensure access to in the future, please contact who can discuss the circumstances and possible options.

  • If I have been blocked on one address, can I still use using another address? Yes, each address is treated individually, so if you urgently need to repay debt or add additional collateral, you can connect with another wallet and perform the relevant actions from this wallet.

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