Costs and fees for our products

This is a clear summary of all costs and fees associated to our products and features.


This article is meant to clarify all costs and fees associated with products and features.

Usage of basic protocol functions is completely free of charge. When an action includes a swap, charges 0.2% of the swap amount. When the trading happens within correlated assets, the fee is 0.2% of the net value charged annually.

ProductSwap actionNo swap











~0.2% of net value yearly


This means for example that WSTETH/ETH positions will only pay 0.2% annually. This applies to WSTETH/ETH, RETH/ETH and similar pairs, this also applies to SDAI/USDC. For example, if you open a WSTETH/ETH AAVE Yield Multiple and keep the position open for 6 months you will pay 0.1% of the position value. This fee will be charged on exit.

Automations refer to any kind of automation supported in the app such as Stop-Loss, Auto-buy or Auto-sell or any other available automation. Migration and Refinance work under the same rules, if there is no swap there won't be a fee charged.

Protocol fees

Each protocol supported in the app might charge a variable borrow rate or origination rates. The app will explain in detail the rate regarding the fee for each individual position, this fee doesn't go to

Network fees

Each supported network in the app will have its own gas fees that are variable and depend on market conditions and demand. For EVM networks supported in the app might charge a variable borrow rate or origination rates. Before confirming each transaction, you will be able to see the gas cost of the operation in the order confirmation screen. You will pay these fees.

When our system executes an automated transaction in your behalf, such as Stop-Loss, you will pay for the gas cost spent, and the automation system will be refunded from your position.

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