Security is our top priority

Is Summer.fi Secure?

We follow the best security practices and regularly conduct smart contract and code audits. In addition, Summer code is open-source, allowing everyone in the community to pressure test and audit the core technology. You can check our documentation page, which links to our codebase, smart contracts addresses, and code and audit reports.

Can Summer.fi access the funds in my account or wallet?

No. You - and only you - have access and control over your funds. Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to ensure the highest level of trust and transparency. Because of the way blockchain technology works, you ultimately get to decide just how secure you want it to be. This does mean you are your security ultimately, so it is very important you keep access to your funds and Summer.fi account secure.

I’ve found a bug. Where can I report issues?

If you think you have found a critical bug, you can submit a bug bounty report anonymously on https://immunefi.com/bounty/summerfi/.


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