Smart Contracts and Documentation

In here you can find all smart contract addresses and documentation related to's code is fully open-source, giving everyone in the community the ability to pressure test and audit the core technology. We built on top of heavily audited and long standing lending protocols.

This page provides all relevant links and documentation as a reference. If you think you have found a bug or security issue you can report it on immunefi: and your report will be treated with the highest priority.

High level Architecture

The architecture of consists of 5 layers:

  1. webapp -

  2. DeFi Smart Account Layer

  3. Automation contracts & Automation workers

  4. Contract layer

  5. The Defi protocols themselves, that users interact with through the above layers.

High level, this is how these layers fit together. Smart contracts & audits

All smart contracts that you can interact with through can be found on our Immunefi Bug bounty program here: including audits.

Protocol smart contracts & documentations





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