Learn more about Borrow Borrow is the main entry point for users to lend their funds and borrow others.

With an intuitive and world-class UX that’s constantly evolving to suit users needs, the process to borrow is seamless.


  • Extra liquidity: Users gain access to extra liquidity if they choose to borrow DAI; and since Dai is a stablecoin, this liquidity can be used for trading, spending, or saving; all use cases are available.

  • Multiple collaterals: Different collateral types, rates and ratios are suitable for multiple risk profiles.

  • Flexible repayment schedules: There are no repayment schedules, no minimum payments, and no credit history requirements. Users can repay at their own pace as long as their Vault is properly collateralized


Users need to be properly collateralized to avoid liquidations. Liquidations are the forceful sale of collateral to cover the borrowed funds and carry a penalty. You can learn more about liquidations and how to assess your Vault risk by following the links. UX and UI provide you with all the needed info and tools to feel safe when you open and manage a Vault. Try it now.

Protocols Available for Borrow





Tutorials and Guides

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Assessing your Vault’s risk

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