Frequently Asked Questions about $RAYS

FAQs: Retroactive Points Allocation Program

- What qualifies as an "Active Wallet" for Level 1?

An active wallet must have at least 0.2 ETH and a minimum of 5 transactions on Mainnet, ARB, OP, or Base.

- How many $RAYS can a DeFi User earn?

A DeFi User earns 200 $RAYS per supported protocol, provided the position of at least $500 net value is maintained for 14 days.

- What transactions are considered for a Summer.fi User under Level 3?

Any transaction made on Summer.fi since June 2021 qualifies.

- What features contribute to becoming a Summer.fi Power User?

Features like Multiply, Yield Loop Transactions, migration, refinance, or automation are considered.

- How is the reward for a Summer.fi Power User calculated?

The reward is 2,000 $RAYS for each unique feature used, and it is tripled if the user was active at the time of the snapshot.

- What activities can open positions to earn $RAYS?

Activities include borrowing, earning, and multiplying crypto assets.

- What are the multipliers available for boosting leaderboard rankings?

Multipliers include automation (1.1x-1.5x), time bonuses (1.2x-2x), and protocol bonuses (1.2x-3x).

- How are $RAYS calculated for Multiply/Yield Loop trades?

Uncorrelated pairs yield 20% and correlated pairs 6% of the yearly points allocation of the swap size.

- What is the benefit of migrating or importing a position?

Importing or migrating a position grants 20% of a year’s points instantly, requiring a 30-day position hold.

- How does the referral system work?

Referring a user provides 5% of all the $RAYS they earn for 12 months after the referral.

- How do automations impact my $RAYS earnings?

Automations can boost $RAYS earnings by applying multipliers based on the type of automation and engagement duration.

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