Create an Earn Position

Learn how to open an Earn position with Ajna Permisionless UI

Create your Earn position.

Once you have found your pool, you need to create your position. The interface will ask you to input the amount of quote token you wish to deposit into the pool. You will also be asked to select the lending price at which Borrowers will utilize your liquidity.

Your selected lending price is a significant risk parameter when creating and managing your Earn position - find out more about how to select your lending price here.

The interface shows a simulation view of your projected earnings for one day, thirty days, and one year based on the current 30-day average APY.

Manage your Earn position

Adjust Position: Use the adjust option to change your position lending price. You can use the slider or expand the input box to select a specific lending price bucket within the pool.

You can find out more about how to select your lending price here.

Manage Liquidity: Using the side panel drop-down menu you can select manage liquidity in order to deposit or withdraw liquidity. You can also adjust your position price bucket with each action.

As a lender you should monitor the available liquidity in the pool, if all of the liquidity in your selected lending price bucket is utilised, you will not be able to adjust your position lending price bucket or withdraw your liquidity. In this scenario, your liquidity is being utilised by borrowers, you will therefore need to wait for Borrowers to repay their debt, for Borrow positions to be liquidated or for more liquidity to be deposited into the pool by Lenders.

You can find out more about Ajna liquidations here

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