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Currently, due to architectural issues with Ledger Connect Kit library, we've decided to disable the direct access to Summer via Ledger until it's 100% secure. However, this doesn't block you from using your ledger with Summer. If you are a ledger user, you can connect your Hardware wallet to many supported wallets such as Metamask or Rabby following the tutorials provided by Ledger.

Connect your Ledger to MetaMask

Set up and use Rabby wallet to access your Ledger Connecting Ledger Live to DApps with WalletConnect These options will allow to continue to use Ledger wallet as usual in without any interruption, all transactions with your Ledger will work as they used too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I used to connect with Ledger directly to the App, are my positions unaccesible? No, your Vaults and positions are still available for you to interact, but you will need to use a wallet to manage your Ledger Wallet

  • Do you plan to support Ledger directly again in the future? We hope that Ledger changes their software architecture to better address the potential risks that their current design model has, and to avoid incidents in the future. Once Ledger has fixed these issues, we will re-enable the option to connect with your Ledger directly. takes security as a number 1 priority, and we will continue to work in such direction regarding third party libraries.

  • Do I have to use Metamask to connect my Ledger? Metamask is a popular option used by many users of but other options such as Rabby or Walletconnect are supported.

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