Ajna Permissionless UI

Learn everything you need to know about Ajna Permissionless UI

Ajna Protocol facilitates a comprehensive ecosystem for the curation of distinct pools, supplemented with Oracle price feeds. Within this framework, non-curated pools are displayed in the Permissionless User Interface (UI), meaning no external Oracle price feed data will be accessible.

All information regarding positions will be derived exclusively from the protocol, allowing a deep understanding of the Ajna market and the ability to lend and borrow using custom tokens.

Users of the Ajna Protocol can not only access any existing ERC-20 token pool but also can create their own unique Ajna pools.

Due diligence on the selected pools is essential, as Ajna's permissionless structure means that any token may be borrowed or lent. Therefore, understanding the specific risks associated with each token is critical. This document will provide a detailed examination of these features and guide users through the complex functionalities of the Ajna Protocol.


How to Create a Pool on Ajna

Open a Borrow position

Create an Earn Position

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