How to Create a Pool on Ajna

Learn how to create custom pools on Ajna

How to create a custom pool on Ajna

Creating your own Ajna pool can be done in a matter of seconds. You only have to input three parameters.

Collateral token address: This is the ERC-20 token that borrowers will deposit into the pool as collateral in order to borrow quote tokens.

Quote token address: This is the ERC-20 that Earn users deposit into the pool as liquidity for Borrowers to borrow.

Initial interest rate of the pool: This is the rate that Borrowers will pay on their debt when the pool is first initialised. The rate is then subject to change due to market conditions within the pool. The rate can change by up to 10% every 12 hours.

Please note that rebasing tokens are not supported by Ajna protocol. You can find the full list here

Once your transaction has been successful, the pool will be initialised on the Ajna Protocol. You can use it immediately by selecting to open a Borrow or Earn position.

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