Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the “Refer a friend” program?

It is open for everyone. You can start referring people to use Summer.fi even if you don’t use it yourself!

Do I get a bonus for each account I refer?

You only earn Dai when your referred account generates fees in Summer.fi. So potentially, if every account you refer produces fees the answer is yes. For more information about our products and fee structure, visit this article.

Do I earn fees from my referral’s referrals?

No, you only get fees from your first-level referrals. If they refer more people, you will not earn on their fees.

Is there a limit for an account referrals?

No, you can invite as many accounts as you want. Keep in mind that every account can only be referred once.

Can I change the wallet address of my referral?

Not at this time. The wallet you use to refer someone will be the only one that can claim the earnings from referrals.

What if I invite someone that is already referred by someone else?

If someone already has an active referral, then they will not be able to accept a new referral code from someone else. You’ll have to find someone else to refer to Summer.fi.

Can I invite an existing user?

Yes, you can. And you will earn fees on their actions from the point your referral accepts the referral program terms.

If I invite an existing user, do I get a share of their fees they have paid prior to accepting my invite?

No, only actions taken after they have accepted the terms of the referral program are eligible for claiming the share of fees against.

Can I stop sharing fees with the person that referred me?

No, all referrals are final and can not be modified.

Can I modify the fee split ratio?

No. It is fixed to 5% for the referrer and 5% for the referred.

My referred account is using the platform, but I see no Dai on my wallet. What is going on?

You don’t get the fees deposited directly into your wallet, you have to claim them first. This is done this way to avoid the situations where transaction gas costs are higher than the claimed fee.

You can see your accrued fees in your referral control panel, along with the option to claim them. This value gets updated once a week.

Will Summer.fi ever change the terms of the offer?

As per our Terms of Service, Summer.fi does reserve the right to update any terms of the offer,anytime.

All referrals are associated with wallet addresses, as you don’t need an email account to use our products and services.

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