How to setup notifications to your Vault?

Notifications are valuable for your position notifications allow you to get instant information about important events in your Vaults. This will help you optimize your position and maximize your profits whilst being free from the worry of big losses

Notifications work via the Notification Center, a drop-down menu located in the top right corner of web interface, as you can see in the image below:

When you have new notifications, you will see a blue dot in the bell icon of your Notification Center. If you click this icon, you will see the list of recent notifications sorted by date, the most recent first. Bold-text titles indicate unread notifications.

There are two types of Notifications.

“Vault Info” Notifications - When your vault’s collateralization ratio approaches a trigger ratio.

“Vault Action” Notifications - When an onchain action occurs on your vault

For example, if your collateralization ratio is moving down towards your Stop-Loss Protection Trigger, you will first receive a notification when your vault is within 5% of the Trigger and another Notification when your Stop-Loss has been executed. Initially you will be able to receive both “Vault Info” and “Vault Action” Notifications on the following Vault Trigger Ratios.

  • Vault Liquidation

  • Stop-Loss Protection

  • Auto Buy

  • Auto Sell

  • Constant Multiple Notifications use theGraph Subgraphs to index and Monitor Vault data. When a relevant Vault event occurs, the notification payload is generated and passed to the Notifications Handler which then surfaces the Notification on the front end.

Please Note: notifications do not provide updates on protocol governance (for example off-boarding collateral). will provide announcements through discord where possible, but it is the user's responsibility to monitor governance decisions on the protocol that they are using.

How to configure notifications

Notifications are enabled by default, this means that they are opt-out. In consequence, you will be notified about any major events in your Vault.

You can disable a specific type of notification by clicking the toggle button shown in the image below:

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